February 25, 2017

I would like to open my daily Trump journal with a story from CPAC. At one point during the day, attendees were seen waving around flags with red, white, and blue stripes emblazoned with “TRUMP”. Unbeknownst to the attendees, they were actually Russian flags, because a large portion of Trump supporting Republicans do not know what a Russian flag looks like. CPAC security confiscated them. It turns out two men from Americans Take Action handed out the flags in protest. The story made me laugh, mainly because of the absurdity, but also because the flag-wavers clearly did not know what the flag represented. (I’m reading a book called The Billion Dollar Spy right now, and the story just discussed Stalin’s purges. I don’t understand why people aren’t shaking in their boots).

It’s been a busy day in Trumpland, though. Trump announced that he will not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner—the first time a president has not attended since 1981. Ronald Reagan couldn’t attend because he had gotten shot during an assassination attempt. Personally, I see it as an admission that Trump fears the media more than he hates it, or perhaps he is itching for a round of golf. Either way, it should be a deliciously entertaining evening.

More cracks are appearing in the Republican wall against Donald Trump. Representative Darrell Issa from California, an early fan of Donald Trump during the primaries, said that there needed to a special prosecutor looking into the links between Russia and Trump. Twenty-four hours later, he urged Republicans “transparency” and “accountability” from Trump. He also said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to recuse himself from the investigations about Russia and Trump. Rep. Issa was a past chair of the Oversight Committee and hounded Obama about Benghazi, the IRS, Obama’s dogs, the silverware in the White House, etc. (The last two are jokes, just in case future historians who are mining my journal for valuable insights about either the fall of Trump or the fall of America mistakes that as fact.) So, it’s big that he’s calling for this, but at the same time, he barely won his district back in California, so he’s probably also afraid of losing the next election. Remember, folks, people do have the power.

I should add that Rep. Issa is not the lone Republican in this endeavor. Last week (2/17/17), after meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio tweeted:

He doesn’t like Trump to being with, because Trump gave Marco Rubio the flattering nickname of “Lil Rubio.” John McCain doesn’t like Trump, either. He said that Trump’s attacks against the media is how a dictatorship starts (thank you, John). Keep up the good work, boys. Now, if someone could please locate Paul Ryan’s spine for me. (A few weeks ago, someone added Paul Ryan to the Wikipedia page for “Invertebrate.”)

I was just reading back through my journals and reflecting on why I’m doing this. I realize I present the daily briefings under the guise of (mostly poor) comedy, but really, I am terrified for our democracy. I am scared of what Trump is doing, and how it will affect the least powerful Americans. I am afraid that the Republicans will not stand up to him, which is why Rep. Issa’s comments are actually hopeful for me—even though he refuses to attend town hall meetings. I am afraid that Trump is going to chip away everything that America stands for, and that his supporters and the Republicans at large, especially the tentative Republicans, will continue letting him do whatever he wants. I am writing these because I feel hopeful when I see the scandals pile up, when I see people denouncing him. I feel hopeful that this will not stand, but I also feel fear.

Finally, Hillary made an inspirational video for all of us miserable Millenials. I wonder what the purpose was, but in her usual unflappable and slightly robotic aesthetic, she said that she would be with us every step of the way. There was this really funny clip from a Pod Save America podcast when one of the hosts screamed, “HILLARY! YOU CAN RETIRE NOW! JUST GO! GO! GO BACK TO THE WOODS!” for a solid two minutes, and it was the funniest thing I heard all week. I have to disagree: don’t go back to the woods, Hillary, I miss you very much.







https://getcrookedmedia.com/here-have-a-podcast-78ee56b5a323#.voiw09ccc *The podcast I was referring to it “It’s Making Us Dumber”.


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