March 3, 2017

And we’re back. Things continue to fall apart. The drama! It’s unbelievable. (I am intentionally quoting Trump there.)

Before we get to Russia, I want to talk about Pence’s little “email” problem. Last night, a newspaper in Indiana (!!!) published a really beautiful article that while Vice President Pence was governor of Indiana, he used a private email server. VP Pence, according to VP Pence, did comply with Indiana Law. Yet the big kicker is this: remember when the Republicans skewered, lambasted, and absolutely roasted Hillary Clinton for using a private email server? Remember when James Comey, the director of the FBI, sent a memo to Congress to weeks before the election saying they were looking to Hillary’s emails again? Remember the chants of “lock her up!” at Trump’s rallies about Hillary’s emails? Remember when Hillary wrote Huma Abedin asking her to split a crème brulee with her? Remember? Does anybody remember this?! Does anybody see the hypocrisy?! According to Pence’s spokesperson, comparing Pence’s server as governor to Hillary’s server as Secretary of State is ridiculous. On some level, I would absolutely agree: Hillary was handling far more sensitive information, but Pence still handled information from Homeland Security. I think it just highlights what the email server thing actually was: a massive overblown load of bullshit from the Republicans. Trump is calling the Russia ties investigation a “witch hunt” but the Republicans really went after Hillary with the force of the FBI behind them. If the FBI can conduct a thorough investigation into Hillary’s emails, the FBI can also conduct a thorough investigation into Trump’s Russia ties. Both are matters of national security, and both need to be treated as such.

Back to Russia. (I had to rant about emails for a minute because it seems like every politician, blogger, journalist, writer, human being, dog, cat, and gerbil in America has also ranted or commented about Hillary’s emails. I just wanted to join the fray).

As we know, Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia. But then, the White House released information (before the press could because they’re starting to figure out how shady it looks when they refuse to release information) that Carter Page, some Trump person in the administration, and his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner, all met with the Russian Ambassador. Apparently, they smuggled the Russian ambassador through a back entrance of Trump Tower to avoid scrutiny. That’s important because that means they were concerned about the media questioning their motives, but it also means that Donald Trump certainly knew about the meetings.

I am continuing writing this journal in the early morning hours of March 4. Since I wrote the first chunk of this journal, more advisors have come forward saying they met with Russian people of some sort. According to The New York Times, Jason Greenblatt, who is a former Trump Organization Lawyer and now works in the White House, hung out with a chief rabbi in Russia. Can I just say this really quickly: Russia is famous for its Christian orthodoxy—according to Russian history, they are the last stronghold of true Christianity. So, hearing that a Trump person met with the chief rabbi literally had me in hysterical laughter, mostly because there’s someone with the title of “chief rabbi” in Russia. Another Trump person, J.D. Gordon, met with the infamous Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Republican Convention in July 2016. Honestly, I just can’t fathom who thought that was a good idea? Like was it the only convenient meeting place for Gordon? Hey, Kislyak, I’m at the Republican Convention this week but we can meet up for a second between confirming Donald Trump, the jewel of be-wigged sweet potatoes, as our presidential candidate. I don’t even know what to say about it, except that was pure stupidity.

A few takeaways: first, Jared Kushner met Kislyak in secret at Trump Tower, meaning they wanted to hide something from being seen (which is understandable but also fishy) and Trump had to know about it. Second, we still don’t know what was said during the conversations, and it could certainly be innocuous, but the furor over it indicates otherwise. Third, Republicans are still holding fast against launching a full investigation, so frankly, at this point I wonder what it would take for the Republicans to investigate this matter. Finally, I had one other interesting thought, but it’s late and I can’t remember what it is. If I remember, I’ll let you all know. Wait, I remember now. Meeting at the Republican Convention feels so fishy. Why was a Republican ambassador at the Republican convention? Why was Gordon meeting with him there?

If anybody is reading this: what side of history do you want to be on? If the Republicans refuse to investigate, the leaks will continue because there are people in the government who won’t let his stand.

Also, I want to give a quick shoutout to Trump’s sick burn of the day: tweet a picture of Chuck Schumer with Putin and demand an investigation into the conversation. Great one, Trump! He’s really starting to perfect his comedy routine.



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